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William Stickevers

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Be a part of the BREAKTHROUGH - World Events from an Archetypal and Mundane Astrological Perspective

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All of my work revolves around helping you live your life based on your soul’s code and calling and understanding your personal path to individuation -- which includes navigating the Massive Collective Psycho-Spiritual Death-Rebirth Process that's now under way

Join me 2x/month for research and analysis from real world economies, finance, and geopolitics and an archetypal and mundane astrological perspective.

"William Stickevers is an authentic astrologer who is doing his best to awaken as many as possible before it's too late. This site is the place to be for the most up to date information on just about a daily basis. Thank you William."
-MB, GTA Member

What's Included

Gold Plan

  • 2x/month Webinars and Q&A
  • Access to the growing library of previous webinars
  • Monthly Ask Me Anything session
  • Access to the growing premium resources/topics library
  • Audio recordings
  • Submit questions for the Q&A and AMA even if you won't attend live

"This is some of the most accurate astrological reporting on the internet.”
-PD, GTA Member

"I feel incredibly privileged to have discovered William with his amazing ability and knowledge. He is in a separate league to most. He is certainly not one of the astrologers who lives with the fairies. He is highly intelligent but has a gift to impart information on a level which we can all relate to."
-WB, GTA Member

“For reliable and accurate reporting of future events, this is the site!”
-BV, GTA Member

Be the 19%

It only takes 19% of a population to change the direction and outcome for that population. 

Be a part of the BREAKTHROUGH, not the breakdown.

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