An Introduction to Western Sidereal Astrology

Western sidereal astrology is the rediscovery of ancient Babylonian astrology, the original form of astrology. In this type of astrology, celestial longitude is reckoned from the stars, rather than the vernal equinox. In this easy to read book, Ken Bowser shows the western astrologer how to use the sidereal zodiac for accurate astrological interpretations. Both professional astrologers and students will appreciate the clear and helpful delineation of the planets, signs, houses and aspects as they appear in the sidereal chart. Ken also offers an in-depth look at the forty-five planet combinations. Each combination is illustrated with examples that serve as a guide for interpretation. Also included are three appendices: historical information, the origins of the exaltation’s and an in-depth look at the tropical-sidereal debate.

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