The Archetypal to the Material

Change manifesting from a divine consciousness via planetary levels as symbolized in the collective unconscious. The process of change in society originates in the evolution of the National Spirit that operates within Collective Unconscious, as read in the changing patterns of the planets and the zodiac. This manifests in the social and economic life of the society, producing changes in the balance between different groups. These changes produce political changes, that are symbolized in the mundane portents making direct hits to the mundane horoscope.

Social and political pressures build up in a society when inferior groups (that includes the middle-class) with the superior groups. Such a build-up occurs in democracies when the middle-class feels the ruling class has deprived it of its political power and upward social mobility, or to a lesser extent when the working class feels that the upper-middle class has deprived it of its wealth and job future. Essentially, the build-up of pressure occurs when the state fails to reflect the stage of development of the collective unconsciousness.

Regardless, the process of change in society begins with the gradual evolution of consciousness of the human race as witnessed through the planetary cycles and axial alignments through the zodiac. However, the change that is experienced on the Earthly plane will be experienced by different nations in different ways.

For example, the experience of the Chinese factory worker making iPhones for $ 15,355 annual income, will differ then the urban Silicon Valley Google employee living in downtown San Francisco making $250,000. Also, this will be modified by their respective birth horoscopes. However, one must keep in mind that the state at any one time will tend to reflect the class interest of the dominant financial-political class in society so that the ruling elite are protected before all else.

However, if societal change continues to be suppressed by either by the ruling elite, or the government, and socio-economic conditions continue to disintegrate, then social and government reform radically mutates to societal breakdown and the prospect for revolution, resulting in both a political and financial “reset” event where the collective will have to rebuild a new state constitution, which as a result will then have a new horoscope.

Change in the Collective Unconscious on a mundane level is often very gradual. Most nations today have societies where the state is organized in such a way as to facilitate gradual social change and the impulse for political evolution, without upsetting the class system, such as the system of a functional democratic republic. However, even in democracies, when the state fails to adjust to recognize the realities of change in the class structure then social unrest begins. For example, the 60’s counter-culture revolution.

However, change in the Collective Unconscious can also be very sudden and dramatic when the economic and material circumstances have not changed and improved in accordance with changes in the Collective Unconscious. For example in Russia, where the Stalinist state replaces the Czarist regime in the early 20th Century, was essentially a result of decades worth of change in the Collective Unconscious being blocked and artificially repressed that floods through into the material sphere all at once.

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