Mundane Astrological Heretics Getting Vindication For Their 2020 Predictions

Originally posted Apr 1, 2020

Theodore White and William Stickevers are the only names that come to mind. Others did suggest a recession this year but I can only think of these two astrologers in terms of predicting the scale of this crisis. Of course, no one saw the trigger would be a pandemic but the scale of this economic Tsunami was picked up by both these astrologers. Both have been suggesting for some time the economic world order was about to fundamentally change and boy were they spot on. Theodore White wrote about storing up provisions and finances for the hardship to come last year. I thought the former point looked a bit extreme last year. Now it seems like prophecy worthy of Nostradamus!

Mark Cullen
Scottish Astrologer
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Las Vegas, NV·Posted Apr 1, 2020

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