The Jerry Wills Show with William Stickevers – March 9th, 2020

Jerry Wills is a well-known international speaker, radio, and internet TV broadcaster (Kevin Smith Show and Jerry Wills Show).

Having worked with and helped thousands of people, Jerry is also a respected and successful energy healer. Have questions? Tune in to Café at the End of the Universe! Call in, ask questions, and learn about things you are curious about.

Together, in a search for answers, Jerry and his wife Kathy Wills explore remote areas of the world as they continue to search for lost cities, forgotten knowledge, and ancient places long lost to time. Afterward, they provide a personal view of their journey to their audience through Xpeditions TV, their radio shows, and video broadcasts (LIVE and pre-recorded). 

Kathy & Jerry are award-winning documentary videographers and seasoned explorers, often heading off to sometimes dangerous places few are willing to challenge. You will hear more about this during their show, Jerry and Kathy’s Fantastic Journeys. 

Their programming is always top caliber, fun, and informative allowing their audience to experience the depth of their personal experiences and the knowledge of those they interview whatever the subject and wherever they might explore next or broadcast from.

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