Eliminating Single Points of Failure with Bitcoin

In this episode of Keiser Report’s annual Summer Solutions series, Max and Stacy chat with Jameson Lopp of Keys.Casa about security and sovereignty in an age of the collapse of fiat and the rise of bitcoin where there are no bailouts or ‘money printer go brrrrr.’ Buying bitcoin is only the first step on the journey from fiat, the next step is actually turning that into an asset you control yourself. Newcomers have been arriving in droves to bitcoin due to the glaring systemic risks in the fiat financial system and the counterparty issues relating to it but securing those assets should be the number one priority rather than, “When all-time high?” Even a bank vault is a single point of failure where a catastrophe could potentially destroy that single physical location, now we can distribute the keys as far and wide as your threat assessment offering security redundancy in the physical form through a multisig service eliminating single points of failure, including simple, stupid human mistakes.

Casa – How to Secure Your Bitcoin

Casa provides secure storage solutions for digital wealth, namely Bitcoin. Our flagship product is Casa App, a software + expert service system designed to provide the highest level of cryptographic key security and usability.

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