COVID-19 Pandemic Update: France Suffers Most COVID-19 Deaths Since Spring; Finance Minister Tests Positive

  • Global COVID cases exceed 30 million
  • New York City Prepares for a Second Wave
  • NYC Mayor delays school reopening for 2nd time
  • The U.S. reported 39,617 new cases for Tuesday. The nation’s death toll approached 200,000.
  • Bank of America’s latest assessment is only 12% of the population has immunity, which is far below the critical 60% “herd immunity” threshold.
  • The 7-day average of new cases has surged from a low of around 60 to 7,800 in Spain and 225 to 6,000 in France.
  • Austria sees most new cases since March
  • India reports another nearly 95k new cases
  • Italy cases climb for 6th week
  • South Korea confirms another 153 new cases
  • France suffers another 10k+ new cases; 50 deaths
  • Finance Minister Brunp Le Maire tests positive
  • UK mulls COVID ‘circuit breaker’
  • London weighs ‘localized’ lockdown
  • The Netherlands recorded a new 24-hour record of cases
  • Denmark, 454 new infections on Friday was close to a record of 473 in April
  • Israel entered its second lockdown, inspired by a surge in new cases
  • Moderna reveals vaccine won’t be widely available until next year
  • CDC Chief predicts a Covid-19 vaccine may not be available to the general public until next summer as the daily number of new coronavirus cases in the U.S. climbed to 40,000
  • Wisconsin reported a record daily tally just as Trump was holding another campaign rally, while hospitalizations and deaths also spiked

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