Why Trump Pays ZERO in Taxes – Robert Kiyosaki

Why Trump Pays ZERO in Taxes – Robert Kiyosaki Quarantine Updates

You can tell that the presidential race is heating up because the attacks on Donald Trump from the mainstream media are heating up too. Over the weekend, The New York Times revealed that President Trump has paid little if any in taxes in the last 15 years.

This might shock many voters, but if you study Rich Dad Poor Dad, you know that the “rich don’t pay taxes, legally.” In short, the many credits and breaks that are found in the tax code are there precisely because the government wants you to take advantage of them.

For instance, the government wants cheap housing. Because of this, there are many tax credits for affordable housing that developers and investors can take advantage of that minimize their tax liability, put more money in their pocket, and in turn, create affordable housing. Everyone wins.

There are many scenarios like this in the tax code that incentivize investors and entrepreneurs to do activities the government is looking for while rewarding those who take those actions with a lower or zero-tax burden. In this update from Robert Kiyosaki, he tells viewers why people like Donald Trump pay very little in taxes, sometimes nothing, because they are doing exactly what the government wants them to do.

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  1. It is so obvious, Trump just play the damn game that the system allows you to play, how difficult is that for the leftist media to understand? If you knew how to play the game, why wouldn’t you pay zero taxes? We got a bunch of losers in this country!