Bitcoin to $1 Million in Five Years – Raoul Pal

Bitcoin to $1 Million in Five Years, Enormous Wall of Money is Coming says Raoul Pal

In this interview with Daniela Cambone, former hedge fund portfolio manager Raoul Pal discusses his views on the current state of the economy. Pal recently moved more than 50% of his assets portfolio into bitcoin. The chief executive officer of Global Macro Investor said that it is not an “end of the world’ philosophy which will drive the cryptocurrency to rally but an adoption by the real large holders of capital. “I have reduced cash and put that into bitcoin. I’m also thinking of selling my gold to buy more…bitcoin will massively outperform gold, I am 100% convinced of that,” he said.

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    1. The market Cap of Gold is 12 Trillion  Bitcoin 250 Billion.   Bitcoin at 2 Trillion market cap is 100k valuation.    The market has chosen which asset in the digital world will be a store of value and that is Bitcoin.  It has been running for 11 years.   1-2 years your banks and Financial will be offering these services. Not hard to see it doing another 10X  does it have the potential of  100X return who knows it’s done it before.   

      Berkshire Class A price is  315K  does that deter people from investing.

      1. Hal Finney in 09 estimate world wealth was 100 -300 Trillion and imagined a world where 200 Trillion would be redistributed to Bitcoin making it  10 million per bitcoin.