Election 2020 Update

AP has already called Arizona for Joe Biden, as has Fox News, but since the other networks have not and votes are still being counted, here’s a look at the race there, with 90% of the vote in Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 39,769 Biden leads 49.92% to 48.65%, per the AP.

Biden has expanded his lead in Georgia, according to newly released tallies. He’s now ahead of Trump by 4,235 votes in the state, according to AP’s results.

Meanwhile, The DNC’s top election lawyer, Marc Elias, on Friday filed a motion to intervene in the Nevada lawsuit filed by two Republican candidates for Congress who are challenging the state’s process for counting mail-in ballots. US District Judge Andrew Gordon in Las Vegas set a hearing earlier this afternoon local time Friday to start hearing arguments in the case, which is claiming that the state’s system isn’t catch enough mismatches in the ballot count.

As 7:00 pm East Coast Time, here’s where thing stand:

Just recently, new numbers out of Nevada, particularly, Clark County, which is heavily Democratic, have pushed Biden’s lead even higher in Nevada, though plenty of votes in more rural parts of the state remain to be counted.


Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 1,538 votes

Biden leads 49.42% to 49.34% with 99% of the vote in


Donald Trump leads Joe Biden by 76,673 votes

Trump leads 50.09% to 48.69% with 99% of the vote in


Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 14,725 votes

Biden leads 49.54% to 49.32% with 98% of the vote in


Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 20,137 votes

Biden leads 49.8% to 48%


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