The 2020 General Election Is Most Corrupt in American History – Martin Armstrong

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong said his computers picked up massive fraud coming in the 2020 Election years ago.  Armstrong explains, “The computer doesn’t ask my opinion, or anybody else’s, it just goes on the numbers from the economic data.  It’s never been wrong.  Besides 2016 (predicted Trump win) and for this one, it said it would be the most corrupt election in American history.  I published this out at least two years ago.  People have to understand, this isn’t my opinion.  This has gone far beyond anything I would have anticipated.  Every election you have had dead people voting.  That’s pretty standard, and that’s not something new. . . . This is just off the charts.  This is the Left, and they are so desperate to take over the United States.”

If the cheating is “off the charts,” then how bad was it in terms of fraudulent votes, including votes taken from President Trump and votes given to Joe Biden?  Armstrong contends, “The cheating is in the millions, definitely millions, and perhaps as much as 38 million.  This is some of the information I am getting from behind the curtain.”

Martin Armstrong also warns, “They (Democrats/communists) want to eliminate the Supreme Court—period.  This is outrageous what they are doing.  That’s why I have said this is not a simple election between Republican and Democrat.  This is something much more sinister. . . . You will own nothing, and you will be happy.  Their idea is to strip everybody of all property—period.  That’s communism.  Then you are going to give guaranteed basic income.  If you don’t do what the government tells you to do, like get a vaccine or whatever, then, oh, your guaranteed basic income will be suspended.  Then how are you going to eat?  This is what they are doing. . . . In communism, they take all assets away from everybody.”

Armstrong also says, “They are using CV19 and climate change to set an agenda for control.”

In closing, Armstrong says, “We are getting into a situation where it is a war against us.  I hope Trump wins because . . . he’s our last defense against some of these people, and that’s why they have been trying to steal this election. . . . They are promoting this great reset–and it’s communism.  These people think this is good for the climate, but they are going to find out they are selling out, not just themselves, but their families and all posterity.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One in this in-depth interview (40 mins. in length) with Martin Armstrong of
The Reset is Communism

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  1. One thing he mentions is the lady from Canada that had $30,000 in gold with her when she landed in San Francisco.  Then he mentions one guy from Tampa that flew somewhere and he had several $100,000 on him to buy some tractors.  The lady being from Canada I can understand (a little) for not knowing, but the tractor guy no.   As an outgrowth of 9/11 (The Patriot Act?),  any cash transaction over $10,000 must be reported to the gov’t.  Otherwise they assume you’re a terrorist and going to buy some bombs.  Yes, they are that paranoid.   He would have been better off bringing a certified check so that the gov’t knows what the money went for.  Even when I bought a used car 5 years ago, I wrote a check for $18,000 rather than bring $18,000 in cash to the dealership.   In part I never want to have that amount of money on me for fear of robbery, but the other part was to be sure it was documented what that >$10,000 was used for.   

  2. I followed the Hal Turner link in Armstrong’s story. It’s actually 3.8 million, not 38 million. Armstrong misspoke, I believe. Otherwise, it was a very interesting watch. Thanks for posting it.