Guggenheim Partners Jumps on the Bitcoin Bandwagon

Guggenheim Partners, one of the world’s biggest fixed income asset managers, jumped on the bitcoin bandwagon when it announced that it was reserving the right for its $5.3 billion Macro Opportunities Fund, which aims for total return via fixed income and other debt and equity securities, to invest in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, whose shares are solely invested in Bitcoin, and track the digital asset’s price less fees and expenses.

Over the the past few weeks, bitcoin futures’ open interest surpassed gold’s for the first time ever as the investing public increasingly turns to crypto as an alternative to the tsunami of fiat currency debasement and ahead of the central banks’ launch of digital currencies some time in late 2021 during the commencement of Global Financial Reset.

After relentlessly climbing from its March $4,900 lows, Bitcoin finally saw a modest selloff last week after rising 285% in nine months, and 160% since the start of the year ($19,500), prompting even establishment banks such as Deutsche Bank to include it in its grouping of key asset categories. Incidentally anyone who bought bitcoin in February of 2018 when it was supposed to “crash to zero” is up 150%, outperforming the S&P 500 4x-fold.

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