COVID-19 Second Wave Surging

Model predicts: shelter-in-place needed before April in NC to prevent hospital overload : raleigh


  • Global cases top 85MM
  • US cases top 200K
  • Mutant COVID strain found in New York and California
  • Boris Johnson launches new national lockdown in England
  • Cuomo expands vaccine rollout
  • Lebanon orders a new lockdown
  • The UK reports 50K+ cases for the 7th day
  • UK scientists “not confident” NHS can handle the surge in COVID cases
  • The UK to expand ‘Tier 4’ lockdowns nationwide; moving to “Alert Level 5”.
  • The new UK lockdown measures will begin today and last until March
  • The UK starts Astra-Zeneca vaccine rollout
  • The US begins 2nd doses
  • Officials play catch-up with vaccine rollout
  • The UK to delay second vaccine doses
  • Japan weighs state of emergency
  • Scotland reimposes lockdown
  • Germany to extend lockdown
  • Fauci says possible vaccines become mandatory
  • Greece announced a 1-week lockdown
  • Norway’s PM announces fresh restrictions
  • South Korea widens ban on private gatherings
  • Norway imposes new restrictions
  • Thailand sees 745 new cases Monday

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