Max Keiser Reveals Bitcoin Price Forecast for 2021, After Nailing 2020 Call

In this exclusive interview, Max Keiser, host of the Keiser Report and one of the most influential people in the crypto space reveals his coveted and highly anticipated forecast for bitcoin on Stansberry Research. In 2018, Keiser forecasted that bitcoin would end 2020 around $28,000 a coin – the crypto ended up closing the year at $29,000 a coin, making Keiser’s prediction the most accurate compared to other crypto experts. Speaking with Daniela Cambone as part of the Outlook 2021 series, Keiser also shares his forecasts for gold and silver. During the interview, Keiser is asked about bitcoin being the ultimate bubble waiting to burst, about those that call it a Ponzi scheme and whether tether is manipulating the price of bitcoin higher.

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  1. Great video!! I’m sad I didn’t listen to you back in the day you said buy and I knew you were right but was a clueless stay at home mom who wanted the best for my kids but was clueless how to begin this process so I talked and talked about it until today!!! All in and happy!