US Capitol Building Gone Into Lockdown Due To Protesters Breaching Congressional Chamber

At 2:17 PM EST, US Capitol Building has gone into lockdown due to protesters, breaching the House Chamber, following President Trump’s address to supporters at a rally in Washington. A group of demonstrators marched to the US Capitol and reportedly breached several layers of security barricades around the building.

Just before 1300 ET, a group of Trump supporters “toppled the barricades, storming through them to the grassy fields leading to the Capitol,” according to Washing Post.

Inside the Capitol, Congress was in a meeting to certify the electoral college votes for President-elect Joe Biden

Amid the unfolding chaos, staff in the Cannon House Office building to evacuate, according to a notice obtained by Bloomberg. Madison office building staff have also been told to evacuate.


  • 100s protesters clashed with police after the president’s speech
  • A number of protesters breached security at The Capitol and are inside the building
  • The Capitol has been evacuated
  • VP Pence has been escorted from the Chamber to a secure location1000s are peacefully protesting outside’
  • President Trump urges protesters (via Tweet) to “Stay peaceful”
  • Washington DC Mayor orders 6 pm citywide curfew* *
  • “Officers have drawn their firearms inside the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives after supporters egged on by the president breached the Capitol,” tweeted Reuters’ Brad Heath.

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    Onto Plan B…
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