Biden “Day One”

Biden “Day One” action items (Rejoin the Paris Accords, Keystone Pipeline, Halt the departure from the WTO, But mostly the massive immigration package that could create paths to citizenship for millions of illegal migrants), Biden is moving ahead with no fewer than 17 executive actions targeting Trump’s various policies.

CNN reports there will be a total of 17 executive actions, at least 15 of those will be executive orders targeting a range of issues, while Biden pushes his immigration package and a raft of immigration legislation. Of these 17 actions, 9 will involve reversals of Trump-era policies (such as rolling back the Trump travel ban on citizens of certain Muslim -majority countries introduced at the very beginning of the Trump Administration). Biden’ss very first action being an executive order mandating masks be worn by all on federal property.

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  1. And the chart does show an urgency of action (♂︎) towards immigration (♅) with the conjunction there. Jupiter in the mix squaring the two representing a pressing expansion of ethics (♃) towards those issues. ♃ also representing foreign countries involved in these massive number of executive orders. As above, so below. Cheers

  2. Do not read Charts , but surely not looking good!
    America will be unrecognizable in near future!
    Reverse Brain-Drain will Start!
    Biden will hand over the reins to China – No more of the war or Thucididyes trap!