Gold, Bitcoin, Silver Elections and the Plandemic

Gerald Celente, the publisher of The Trends Journal and a renowned trends researcher, is back to talk about the recent Bitcoin boom and many other trends coming in 2021. On Bitcoin and its recent price explosion, Celente says, “Why is Bitcoin going back up? It’s going back up because everybody with a brain bigger than a pea knows that the central banks are doing nothing but pumping all this fake money into the economies to artificially prop them up. This is young people’s gold, and they are the ones that began it. . . . One of our top trends for 2021, and we come out with them in December, is the youth revolution. This isn’t going away. . . . Another one of our trends from a year ago is they are going from dirty cash to digital trash. You don’t want to trust that dirty money forever. You can get the virus from that (sarcasm). So, we are going digital. Now, they can know every penny that you spent, where you spent it and how you spent it . . . so they can get their cut. It’s called taxes, but it’s not really taxes. It’s stealing our money so these low-life scum pieces of crap called politicians who have never worked a day in their lives can keep sucking off the public teat. It is also to give all their buddies, imbeciles and morons called bureaucrats jobs.”

Celente goes son to say, “The currencies are worthless. They are going to come out with a new currency and say again, we don’t want the dirty money . . . we are going to come out digital so they can now readjust the entire system. They will make up a new coin, get rid of our debt and people will buy it. They will do what they are told just like they marched off to the Covid war. They will do anything they are told.”

On the economy, Celente says the trend is decidedly down. He cites New York as an example and explains, “We got his jerk (Governor Cuomo) that has destroyed New York State with executive orders. The place is dead. The economy is dead. We are in the ‘Greatest Depression.’ The Congressional Budget Office says it. The jobs that have been lost are not going to come back until 2024. That’s the jobs that were lost. How about creating new ones? No, we don’t need to create new ones because the rich are getting everything. . . . The ‘Greatest Depression’ is not just America, it’s global.”

Celente warns, “The banksters and the criminal groups are in control, and I am angry. I am angry that they are stealing my rights away from me. I was not put on this earth to take orders. I don’t give them, and I don’t take them. I am born to be free.”

Celente also like physical gold and silver. He calls these “safe haven assets.” He predicts the trends for both will be decidedly up, especially silver.

What should the common person do? Celente says, “Number one, get yourself in the best shape possible physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The fight is on. You better be in good shape. You don’t win the fight without being in good shape. Number two . . . I believe in safe-haven assets. . . . Number three, create your own future. . . . Think for yourself. . . . Do what you can to bring back freedom, peace, and justice to America and the real American way, and do it peacefully.”

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