The Astrology of Bitcoin with Robert Weinstein

Seattle-based astrologer Robert Weinstein about his work using astrology to study fluctuations in the value of the cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. Robert wrote an article in The Mountain Astrologer magazine last year on the astrology of Bitcoin. Bitcoin hit a new all-time high on November 30, which happened to coincide with a lunar eclipse in Gemini.


00:00:00​ Introduction
00:02:23​ Robert’s background
00:04:00​ Financial astrology
00:10:08​ Bitcoin price fluctuations and astrology
00:14:30​ Lunar eclipse + new Bitcoin record
00:16:17​ What is Bitcoin?
00:23:15​ The birth of Bitcoin
00:32:28​ Mining Bitcoins
00:36:45​ Early trading and accumulation of value
00:46:42​ Birth chart of Bitcoin
01:04:20​ Volatility due to Saturn-Uranus opposition
01:09:10​ First Bitcoin transaction chart
01:10:57​ More observations on Bitcoin birth chart
01:15:54​ Studying fluctuations in price
01:22:32​ Uranus in Taurus: currency changes
01:30:40​ Mt. Gox Hack: Pluto conjunct Bitcoin Sun
01:41:00​ Oct 2017-Feb 2018 High Price Correlations
01:55:34​ Saturn in Capricorn depressing price in 2018
02:04:30​ Uranus re-enters Taurus 2019 begins price rise
02:15:27​ The south node and decrease
02:25:25​ March 2020 crash
02:31:30​ April 2020 onward rebound
02:35:35​ Nov 30 lunar eclipse & new all-time high
02:37:00​ Late 2020 transits
02:39:19​ The future
02:46:43​ Other cryptocurrencies
02:49:17​ 2021 transits and long term trends
03:01:08​ How to follow Robert’s work
03:04:45​ The four things that could crash Bitcoin
03:06:30​ Needing to be good at both astrology and finance
03:11:10​ Wrapping up

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    1. Satoshi not a real identity and wasn’t British, Japanese nor Australian . His birth date is also symbolic April 5 , 1933 was when Gold was confiscated. In 1975 Gold  became legal again so hence April 5, 1975 Satoshi birthdate.    Patrick knows based on TCP Packets we can identify locality(source/dest) and that is how we know the location  of the first transactions as logs were were upload to the internet to debug  Bitcoin exe which was running on a Windows system.