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  1. For over a year this info about vitamin D has been posted on alternative blogs and sites not censored. What concerns me most is those same sites and blogs that reported the vitamin D issue are now reporting that there will be serious damage done to the immune response  systems of those that vaxxed starting 42 days to 14 months post vax. Hope they are incorrect about those reports.

    1. I think that once you remove false-positives and co-morbidities for Covid from the stats, the new “vaccines” will prove significantly more deadly than Covid ALREADY, and this is without the possible antibody-dependent-enhancement/cytokine-storm deaths that we might see when the next flu season appears and starts to activate all that genetically-modified RNA.

  2. One friend of mine who got the Moderna shot three weeks ago became incapacitated due to pain for about a week.  And she’s STILL experiencing side effects like numbness.  

    1. Correction on my friend who got the Moderna shot three weeks ago. She has been unable to work for three weeks because the numbness leaves her unable to fully use her arms.