Saturn-Uranus Alignment: The Five Platforms of Disruptive Innovation that Will Change The World By 2032

1) DNA Sequencing: CRISPR
2) Energy Storage – transition away from the internal combustion engine
3) Robotics – Collaborative Robots
4) Artificial Intelligence – Deep Learning
5) Block Chain Technology – Bitcoin becoming the global reserve asset

  • The uncomfortable rally and why there isn’t a bubble in innovation stocks
  • The five platforms of innovation
  • Why banks and the oil industry are examples of value traps being created from disruption
  • What are the risks of there being so much data available to technology companies?
  • The future of money and the role of digital currencies such as Libra
  • Why Bitcoin is gaining ‘reserve’ status among cryptocurrencies 

Note: Wright’s Law (cost reduction) results in mass adoption that creates exponential growth.

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