Login Issues – Troubleshooting Checklist

If you can’t login, try these troubleshooting options. If you need help with this list, have more questions, or can’t login after troubleshooting, send a message in the Contact Form with details about what is happening.

[1] Make sure you are logged in. Work done on the site could have affected your login status.

[2] Mobile/smartphones: Is your iOS/system up-to-date?

[3] Is your browser up-to-date?

[4] Try another web browser.

[5] Check on another device (phone, computer, etc.) to make sure it’s not the device’s operating system.

[6] Clear browser cache: https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/how-to-clear-your-cache-on-any-browser

Send a message in the Contact Form (or email) if you need help with these troubleshooting options or still can’t access your membership content.

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