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  • Sparkler

    September 28, 2021 at 5:59 am

    I’m curious about any potential fallouts after watchdogs alerted to potential insider trading by fed retirees and suspicious fed investments in ETFs/MFs as well as any potential pressure for Congress to investigate and its affect on the markets and housing market in coming day/s combined with the looming gvt shutdown and pause on infrastructure resolution bill. (Is this all calculated or THEE recipe for catastrophe?) Then, the potential blowbacks on Congress and previous admins for their own alleged insider tradings if they decide to investigate? I doubt Congress will approach the Fed conflict of interest issues today (let alone their own) and only ask about interest rates and inflation, but can anyone point me to a good outlet that can keep me in the know that’s not CNBC, WSJ or FT? I am new to this platform and understanding all things finance so please be patient with me as I learn and grow! With Gratitude, SPKLR

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