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  • Vera

    July 23, 2020 at 7:35 pm

    Dropped my phone in a mud puddle; when I bought a new phone Virgin Mobile insisted that I could not have my old number. Then everything got tangled when I tried to update my password at Coinbase….and I’ve not been able to get a real human to assist….I only had a few hundred dollars in that account (bought some Eth and BTC in 2017), and I’ve been working full time (from home) + animal rescue + taking care of sister with cancer + trying to get a side gig up to speed + coping with partial disability myself so haven’t put an enormous amount of time in on it. The Capricorn super-conjunction hit my 3rd house (mobility + time + paperwork organization) but did not affect my 2nd house of income, so I am grateful and in a better situation than a lot of people. Did want to add to BTC plus learn to set up my own wallet. Being an astrologer, I had invested in gold + silver long ago.