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  • Sonya

    June 28, 2021 at 2:00 pm

    Thanks Maurice, I only just saw this because I have been overwhelmed lately!! Yes The Cabal time all their moves to the BIG CLOCK IN THE SKY !!And yes William is fabulous ! A total Game changer. William & I are actually contemparies but my professional Career has always been focused on Humanistic Psychological Astrology & I only connected with him early last year.

    William has been a revelation & his brilliant Guidance has been invaluable on both a private & professional level. He is one of the few genuine Mundane Astrologers in the business who is not bought & paid for by the Cabal & has the courage & integrity to hip us to the Game. I will always be a GTA Member & Fan & will share his public work where ever I can. Stay Safe