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GTA Members have said…

"Accurate mundane astrology that isn't biased or super woke. Also really excellent predictions about the financial markets. Watching these webinars helps me to improve my own mundane astrology skills as I do pick up some odds-and-ends with the techniques William uses throughout."

-Heather Eland, GTA Member, May 2023

"Your amazing insight proved invaluable for us during this crazy time."

-Sonya, GTA Member, March 2021

"What I get from GTA that I can't find anywhere else: deep dive of mundane astrology combined with actual knowledge of geopolitics and the market."

-Patrick Doty, GTA Member, May 2023

"William’s presentations on mundane astrology have broadened my view and comprehension of astrology, history, and geopolitics in a vast way. Someone (WS) willing to go against the dominant paradigm and 'tell it like it is', few others do that. It’s hard to emphasize how rare this is."

-Finnska, GTA Member, May 2023

We prioritize clear interpretation and precise forecasting,
ensuring our insights are both accurate and enlightening.

We resist blindly following the mainstream media narrative,
choosing instead to uncover the truths that lie beneath surface-level reporting.

We tell it like it is, guided by the celestial wisdom of the cosmos
that transcends conventional perspectives.

An excerpt from a GTA Webinar:

Global Transformation Astrology (GTA) Membership

Astrological Analysis that doesn't blindly repeat the mainstream media narrative. that doesn't follow a political party line. for independent thinkers.

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The Choice is Yours: Blue Pill or Red Pill?

“You take the blue pill…the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill…you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”
~ Morpheus to Neo:  The Matrix, 1999

Which will you choose?

If you’re content with the status quo, preferring to keep your existing beliefs and perspectives unchallenged, then the GTA Membership may not be your path.


If you find yourself restless in an uncertain future, yearning for more than just being a compliant, tax-paying citizen, desiring to break free from the constraints of conventional political choices…

Then, the red pill is beckoning.

Are You Ready for Your Red-Pill Moment?

There is no status quo in life, only growth or decay. 
It’s time to choose growth. It’s time to unravel the truths, to gain perspective, and to make informed decisions. It’s time for your red-pill moment. 

Don’t wait to get a clearer understanding of your path. Embrace the insights provided by the GTA Membership today, and take the next step toward an enlightened future.

Don’t just prepare for what’s coming.
Understand it, navigate it, and transform with it.
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