New Moon Law of Attraction (LOA) - Monthly Group Meditation

A Simple Monthly Abundance Practice Enhanced with Auspicious Astrological Timing, Group Meditation, and Alignment with Your Highest Good

During a crisis, it is easy to become fearful or focus on lack.

Created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its inevitable economic effects, this New Moon Law of Attraction (LOA) Group Meditation is designed to help you each month to practice keeping your mindset and subconscious in alignment with the archetypal ambient to create real abundance, to enable an increase of uplifting experiences or synchronicities or even cash flow, and to allow you to not only survive but thrive during this transformational period.

Read about GTA and CAG Member experiences below.


Fundraiser Impact since March 2020

  • 71,090 Meals to Families in Need
  • Medical Care for 90 Injured or Abused Rescued Rabbits
  • Critical Medical Aid to Disaster-Stricken Communities Globally since March 2022

Next Group Meditation and Personal Ritual:

May 7, 2024
9:35 pm PDT / check your local time
Approximately 35 minutes


$10 suggested donation, $5 minimum donation

Registration has closed. Please join us for the next new moon. 

Instructions for your personal ritual to be performed after the group meditation
will be sent to you shortly after registering.

Required Materials:
a personal check (or print out the abundance check provided), sage smudge stick, an envelope or special box, designated ritual space (corner, table, shelf, drawer, etc.)

NOTE: For the best experience, use a stereo headset/earphones to join the webinar from a Laptop/Desktop computer.

Non-Members can register at this link (copy and send):

A Monthly Fundraiser

While we increase the energy of abundance during our group meditation and ritual, we also practice allowing abundance to flow through each of us.
ll registration fees support these nonprofit organizations:

The Nation’s Largest Hunger Relief Organization
Award-Winning 501c3 Nonprofit Rabbit Rescue Organization
Efficient and Effective Global Humanitarian Relief

*indicates exceptional fiscal responsibility, good governance and best practices that minimize the chance of unethical activities. Less than one percent of the thousands of charities rated by Charity Navigator have earned perfect 100 scores.  

Upcoming New Moon LOA Group Meditations:

June 6, 2024
July 5, 2024
August 4, 2024
September 2, 2024

Why are the New Moon LOA Meditations at such odd times?

As with all astrological magic, you don’t get to choose when the planets make the most auspicious aspects. I don’t choose the time of the new moon. (If I could, it would always be during the day in my time zone.)

While the most powerful effects come from the astrological timing of these New Moon LOA Group Meditations, if you can’t or don’t want to participate in the powerful group meditation, you can pray/meditate on the day of the new moon. However, it won’t necessarily be at the most astrologically auspicious time or with the power of a group meditation.

New Moon LOA Experiences from Participants:

Always very good. But the last one was unreal. I had my uncle a former Priest & retired from the clergy as to what i would look up to. My thoughts were good & bad. As i lay in bed with my hands at my side they start shaking, i got tears in my eyes. They are of joy. I come back & i have tears running down my face. GTA New Moon LOA It’ real…My uncle is deceased…
-New Moon LOA Participant, January 4, 2024 

We look forward to the New Moon meditation. Our intention of keeping my husband’s office open continues and attracts work for my semi-retired architect husband and enables us to live in San Francisco.
-New Moon LOA Participant, January 4, 2024 

My husband and I are hooked on the New Moon meditation because he continues to attract work.  Not easy when you’re 74!  We attribute our good fortune to the Law of Attraction mediation.
-New Moon LOA Participant, December 4, 2023 

The New Moon Las of Attraction is such a beautiful ritual that grounds me in the cycles all the while bringing in all the goodness present in my life. The steady flow of abundance from small to big is noticeable and truly builds over time. I am a “lifer” to this ritual! 
-GTA Member, October 5, 2023

My husband Dan and I would not miss a meditation. Since we started some nine months ago we have attracted almost everything we hoped for. 
-GTA Member, October 5, 2023

My husband and I are completely hooked on the New Moon meditation.  He is in semi-retirement, and we live in San Francisco.  Our expenses are way too high – it was a challenge.  Since starting the meditation maybe six months ago, he has had a steady flow of new work.  Younger architects are probably not doing nearly as well as he is financially.  Once we set the alarm and did the meditation at 2:30 a.m.!  We would not miss it. 
-GTA Member, June 9, 2023

My husband has had some amazing work come his way.  He is a semi-retired architect but our expenses are high living in San Francisco.  Every month since we started the New Moon meditation, he has new and unexpected work coming his way. Each of us is amazed and we would not miss a meditation.
-GTA Member, March 14, 2023

My husband, who is past retirement age, continues to get work and he pays all of our expenses without us dipping into savings. We would not miss a Law of Attraction meditation as we have had positive results for attracting what we need.
-GTA Member, February 12, 2023

It’s been kind of terrific.  Immediately I felt more confident and still do somewhat. My focus was on health.  I went back to sleep after the LOA meditation (I’m on the west Coast so it was the wee hours).  Upon waking I felt my posture had improved, feeling my back on the mattress.  As I went through the day I noticed I was standing straighter, like weight had been lifted and re-adjusted so that I could stand straight under it.  I continue to have access to this. My job changed so I can bike/BART/bike to work and back.  So much better than stop and go traffic.  It does take a bit longer most days.  Some days faster.  Guess what, work is still here when I arrive.  It didn’t run off.  I arrive much more alert and perky. As far as wealth goes, it did help me trust in the cosmos.  I still find myself with concerns but find it easier, now, to just be conscious in the moment instead of worrying.
Yesterday I woke up thinking that I needed a massage.  I haven’t had a massage in years.  i got one and it was good.
I have wished for a refresher–I’d like to do more of this sort of thing–maybe that reflects lack of patience or concern that the changes will diminish instead of grow.  It could also be because it was so good–like ice cream for the soul.
It was a good tonic.
-GTA Member, November 15, 2022

Well, I had an unexpected abundance.  I came across some coins that I had been keeping and decided to research their worth.  I have no way of knowing if I’m absolutely correct, but I do feel that a couple of them are collectible and could fetch a good price.
-Member, July 20, 2022

I’ve been actively learning how to trade stocks, in particular Daytrading and Swing trading! More focus on wealth and accumulation of assets.
-Member, July 20, 2022

It certainly generated feelings of optimism and unlimited possibilities.  And that is the mindset that leads one to prosperity, even in challenging times.
-Member, July 20, 2022

We did the rituals prior to the session and then followed with the LOA instructions. We agree that abundance is ours to own and we know that the Universe will deliver!! Thank you for facilitating this…..
-GTA/CAG Member, May 20, 2022

I love the LOA meditations, 2021 was the most profitable year I ever had and I believe that it was because of consistently participating in the LOA group.
-GTA Member, April 21, 2022

I have noticed a new kind of clarity and focus since the last New Moon ritual. There is a feeling of possibility and momentum where previously there was not. Things are definitely opening up and spreading out.
-GTA/CAG Member, March 23, 2022

I wasn’t specific in my intention; just said, “I’m reading to be debt free.” I love how the universe works.  Areas in which I needed to forgive others, including myself, make an amends, and “see” situations differently are areas I addressed past the full moon. Then, … 😀 … $ came and paid off additional 12K in debt. Moral of this testimonial: I had “other debts” to address.
-GTA/CAG Member, March 23, 2022

Since doing the New Moon LOA in 2021 I made the most money I have ever made in my life.
-GTA/CAG Member, March 23, 2022

In just 2 days i got a phone call from a insurance company & received money that was with held from me. Just had 2 give more information. Was looking for nothing more. Thanks for the the New Law of Attraction Meditation and Ritual.
-GTA Member, March 23, 2022

I consistently did William’s new moon meditations last year and I earned the most I’ve made! Forever grateful William, thank you!
-GTA/CAG Member, March 18, 2022

The New Moon ritual never fails to deliver new and fascinating opportunities. And I have a feeling that this New Moon is no exception – in fact it feels really big.
-GTA/CAG Member, February 22, 2022

The New Moon Law of Attraction Ritual and Meditation opens the door to new experience and prosperity that resonates through the month. It refreshes and renews bringing fresh energies and possibilities to you.
-GTA/CAG Member, December 29, 2021

The New Moon Law of Attraction Meditation has been enormously effective in expanding my practice and financial situation. It’s a great tool, and a reliable practice and meditation.  
-GTA/CAG Member, November 28, 2021

I have joined new moon group for 3 months . moon I found a place to move. I put my home up for sale on Sept new moon, sold on October new moon, and I
Have felt the magic of synchronicity with planetary cycles, opportunities and timing with divine intentions!
-GTA Member, October 27, 2021

This was my second time participating in the New Moon LOA and I continue to attract new clients to my business. It also gives me a peace of mind knowing that I am doing everything in my power to keep myself going through these uncertain times. Thank you for offering this experience!
-GTA/CAG Member, October 27, 2021

I have been doing the New Moon LOA group meditation since the very beginning and while I haven’t had the windfalls, the massive successes, or other miraculous stories of other members, I do feel a sense of harmony and great abundance in my heart, which is incredibly valuable to me. I do feel like things have been going smoothly, despite the chaos in the world and in some relationships near to me, but not directly with me. All in all, I am grateful for this monthly meditation. I appreciate the opportunity to take time for sacred space, being still, and connecting with the new moon abundance. Thank you, William!
-GTA Member, October 4, 2021

I have been joining in on new moon meditations for 3 months now… I had some nice gifts , extra tips & more clients right away.
The 2nd new moon group was great and someone sent me $9,000 the day of new moon… I realized the abundance was attracting. The 3rd month, I placed my townhome on the market,  new moon trine uranus. Then fall equinox and I am moving October 6th, next new moon..
Since everything is about frequency,  the focus and open magic of calling in the divine on New moon seedings, is really in sync with the universal rhythms of life.   And a charity gifting by joining the group. Bravo.
-GTA Member, September 30, 2021

The New Moon LoA, each month, increasingly is teaching me what it means to receive. Wouldn’t miss it!
-GTA/CAG Member, September 29, 2021

Since I started LOA with William, business has been absolutely booming. This is the busiest I’ve ever been with students and clients.
-GTA/CAG Member, September 29, 2021

My business in increased in clients, therefore my bank account which allowed me to move forward on particular goals for crypto allocation! 🌟
-GTA/CAG Member, September 29, 2021

Since doing the New Moon LOA meditation and ritual with William and our community, I feel grounded and peaceful. I also feel positive that I am prepared for the all the change we are experiencing collectively. Whenever I see the check on my money alter I smile, knowing I am approaching life from all angles, I take a lot of action in 3D reality to invest and prepare, adding the ritual gives me faith I am utilizing other approaches to thrive.
-GTA/CAG Member, August 30, 2021

Every month we are manifesting more and more. Since last month’s meditation, we were able to acquire 1 Bitcoin.
-GTA/CAG Member, August 4, 2021

Opportunities abound! Clients come my way. Even the weather cooperates! Life is good.
-GTA/CAG Member, July 30, 3021

My first New Moon LOA. I enjoyed the experience and guidance.  Can’t say I have a huge happening in my life. But my confidence is up an I am taking control of my life. Looking forward to the next LOA.
-GTA Member, July 29, 2021

Money has been flowing effortlessly.  Whatever I need is either in the bank or on its way in.
-GTA Member, July 6, 2021

The new projects (and checks) keep rolling in! What a blessing to have discovered this beautiful monthly ritual!
-GTA Member, July 1, 2021

I just sold my recently inherited family’s home of the last 50 years for $50,0000 over the list price, in “as is” condition. There are multiple significant issues with the house. Only in California in a red hot market would this have ever happened! I’ll add that in the last 2 years, the home appreciated in value nearly $200,000. I took William’s advice on selling now rather than later and I’m so glad! I started this process in February, listed in March, and one failed escrow, coming into the home stretch last week with a successful close on the 2nd escrow late June. It’s been a journey.
-GTA Member, June 30, 2021

Abundance seems to be most evident to me about 10 days before each upcoming new moon. An opportunity has presented that has strong ‘service’ potential (something that will provide the sense of purpose I’ve been looking for~) while also creating a new income stream for myself and close friends. That feels so good! Also, my husband just bought into Bitcoin…something he said he’d never do~ And there is peace in my queendom! Lol! Love the miracles magnified and shared here in this group. Gratitude, William, for bringing us together to share in this application of abundance…together we thrive!!!
-GTA Member, June 6, 2021

I find that by doing the controlled and timed Meditation that I focus with less effort on the goals in a more positive way and the desired results seem to come forth more easily. I also find it keeps me more calm rather than anxious in dealing with the focused objectives as well as the issues and problems that come about in the general process of living.
-GTA Member, June 2, 2021

The New Moon Law of Attraction ritual is amazing. I always experience an up-tick in my business and and the return of clients I haven’t seen in a while.
I highly recommend it!
-GTA Member, June 1, 2021

A new friendship has grown and deepened. I’m now sure it’s mutual. My home is for sale and in its 2nd escrow. The first escrow dropped out during the disclosures phase, and now I’m way past that part and the home has been accepted in “As is” condition. I am experiencing spiritual growth and have a heightened awareness. It’s been good!
-GTA Member, June 1, 2021

The new moon process was sublime, I’ve felt grounded and positive since.
-GTA Member, June 1, 2021

A subtle yet powerful ritual.  With each New Moon, I’m moving slowly and surely towards making my goals a reality.   Have really noticed shifts in my energy field that help with my progress in my business and as a person.  Thank you.
-GTA Member, May 4, 2021

Last week, I invested in a little gold and silver. It felt good to take responsibility for setting myself up to thrive. I don’t have much, but after listening to William, I’ve learned that a little is STILL better than nothing!!! Then, today, May 2nd!  I decided to gather and organize all things ‘essential’ to my sense of well-being, by gathering things I stored for emergency preparedness.  I found a hidden box with no idea what it might contain. To my surprise, it was filled with old jewelry of mine, some old coins, more jewelry…a treasure trove!!! WOW!! ABUNDANCE!!!! Really unexpected, wonderful, and to top it off, I feel so GRATEFUL! and LUCKY! BLESSED! and LOVED!!! This was such a lovely surprise and a creative manifestation of the Highest Order!!!
Thank you all for this creation-group of ABUNDANCE…May you all recognize the blessings that are here for us all!!!
-GTA Member, May 2, 2021

My crypto currency investments are really starting to show substantial returns.
-GTA-CAG Member, May 2, 2021

Omg… I received a $7.1K airdrop in crypto currency. I had no idea whatsoever the coin’s team was going to plan for an airdrop as I lost interest in the project months ago. Had I claimed my tokens when a family member told me to — the amount would have been $13K+. I was open and very expectant for this special meditation. I needed to raise funds for a new online business and raise funds for my senior dog’s medical bills. I got WAY more than I anticipated. I’m tremendously GRATEFUL. I’m over the moon. Literally! So glad I participated!!! So very powerful!
-GTA Member, May 2, 2021

I have awesome results from the New Moon LOA – without exception. It’s a wonderful ritual and always an uplifting experience. I highly recommend it!!!
-GTA Member, May 1, 2021

My business has basically doubled since the ritual. Of course it’s hard to know exactly what has helped, I do believe it can be a combination of things but my biggest challenge now is trying to keep up!  I highly recommend this, as it also helped me get a great nights sleep!
-GTA Member, May 1, 2021

Since last month’s new moon meditation, I’ve attracted two new clients and signed engagements with them totaling $88k. This is after also signing a major fortune client and moving to a bigger apartment that we’d long struggled to find, all manifesting after having begun the meditations just a few months prior. To call the New Moon LOAs a success would be a gross understatement. Looking forward to the next one!
-GTA Member, May 1, 2021

I actually won $2000 in a drawing and was also the last person to receive a grant months after applying.
-GTA Member, May 1, 2021

… not sure this testimonial pertains to the New Moon Ritual (I do so much ritual work) … but, my husband joined GTA a couple months ago … so good for our marriage. It’s important for couples to have their own memberships.  [My husband] is 100% listening to you, and relistening, and following through on recommendations, and setting aside time for us to listen together. Our financial planning TOGETHER is the best it’s been in 15 years.  Our team efforts for financial planning were amok until the last couple months … I mean, we were NEVER on the same page. NEVER (and that’s a story for another day.) 
So there!  Couples need there own individual accounts for accountability and responsibility.
-GTA Member, April 6, 2021

I am retired, however, since the new moon meditation, my husband has received some beautiful royalty checks. Also, before the new moon meditation, I invested some of the money I had from a stock, and put it into Bitcoin and Etherium~ and they are looking good~
I’ve also been experiencing an influx of Love in my Life and that, above all, feels like the greatest gift!
I’m loving the paraliminals, they feel very effective, and I am looking forward to more surprises and finding creative ways to pay it forward.
-GTA Member, April 4, 2021

Since I started the LOA group, my investments have skyrocketed and money is flowing to me effortlessly!
-GTA Member, April 4, 2021

I ended up with a windfall of $2500 from an old brokerage account that I thought was closed out.
-GTA Member, April 1, 2021

I have had a surge in appointments and new clients. Old clients are contacting me spontaneously and are eager to work with me. Things are going GREAT!
I HIGHLY recommend the New Moon Law of Attraction Meditation and Ritual. I’ve been participating for several months now – and it works!!!
-GTA Member, April 1, 2021

Since beginning the meditations two new moons ago, we manifested a new apartment (had been looking for a long time), we had more order volume come in to our hobby side business, and I engaged on a new and better paying project for my consulting business. Not to mention buying more crypto. All things considered, it’s been a smashing success. Looking forward to the next one!
-GTA Member, April 1, 2021

This New Moon meditation was very transformative for me.  My intention was to change habits and behaviors and have very much succeeded in doing so.  The trick was to accept and allow these new habits without thinking about them.  Just do.   As a result, am much happier and more productive.  Thank you.
-GTA Member, March 4, 2021

One of my petitions was to expand healthy habits. It has been easy and enjoyable to maintain a healthy diet and increase my exercise regimen. I have more energy than I had in months, and greatly improved muscle tone.
I also asked to connect with like-minded people. Since doing the ritual, I was introduced to two organizations that are taking very effective action in regard to state and county issues.
-GTA Member, March 3, 2021

Following the first time I participated in the New Moon LOA last year: I received a check for several thousand dollars in the mail from someone I had loaned money to, of which I had written off as never being paid back.
This is a wonderful monthly ritual! Benefits are positivity, clarity and a general sense of just being connected to something more than oneself in the midst of a pandemic.
Many thanks to William and Katharine for sharing this with the GTA community!
-GTA Member, March 3, 2021

The New Moon Law of Attraction is exactly what it claims to be. Each time I participate I get a surge of new clients as well as calls for appointments from my regular folks. When you work with the Moon she will work with you. I highly recommend the practice!
-GTA Member, March 2, 2021

Two days later I received a check from something I overpaid–that I am not quite sure what it was!! So, I still learned a new routine and ritual from you William!
-GTA Member, February 4, 2021

I have enjoyed a significant income increase every month since I have started the monthly LOA Mediation and Ritual. I feel Grace & Blessings in my life.
-GTA Member, February 3, 2021

The New Moon LOA has brought new business and continued interest to my practice.  It’s been completely wonderful and extremely dependable.
-GTA Member, February 3, 2021

I meditate everyday, where I always set my intention, with only some results. After this New Moon LOA, I decided to just sit back and allow the energy of this ritual to unfold.  Doing this I noticed subtle changes in getting more clients resulting in more income. I feel calmer, have a stronger knowing and more trust in the process of my intentions with the New Moon LOA Meditation. Thank you so much for sharing.
-GTA Member, February 2, 2021

Increased awareness throughout the month of intentions set. Absolutely love your service and set-up, so much so that I have shared it with my followers on my instagram account and will continue to do so. 🙏🏼 🙏🏼
-GTA Member, January 1, 2021

Based on my experiences with the LOA meditation, (I have been participating since its inception) it is clear that the effect is real and as substantial as my level of participation is.  In November, I entered the meditation with very little focus and preparation.  My experience during this time frame was exactly that.   There has been abundance in a general and unfocused way.  This month I have been preparing and focusing for the upcoming meditation so I may enter with clear intent.  Thanks William and Katherine!  
-GTA Member, December 10, 2020

My LOA ritual included a petition for impeccable timing and enhanced action. I’ve had great results with buying metals, financial transactions, and useful information coming to me for quick resolution of various personal and material issues.
Another petition was for people to be abundantly helpful to me, and for me to be helpful to others. Doctors, technicians, salespeople, and customer service people have exceeded my expectations in providing effective and efficient service, and communicating clearly and articulately. Also, several people in my social circle contacted me “out of the blue”, and I was able to provide advice and solutions immediately.
-GTA Member, December 2, 2020

New Moon/Law of Attraction work is great and incredibly helpful for focusing and implementing. I am able to gain clarity, momentum and clear-seeing with regard to the coming weeks/month. There’s always a sense of having laid a solid foundation for the near and far futures.  Participating in this practice gives me continuity and remarkable results with regard to increasing my outreach to clients and other sources of income.    
-GTA Member, December 2, 2020

I’ve been doing the NMLA Meditation and Ritual, since the first time it started. Since then, gradually, my life has been improved for the best. Whatever i ask, i will receive, through various means. I will continue to participate in the New Moon meditation and Ritual for as long as William and Katharine continue to do it.
-GTA Member, December 2, 2020

Still to soon I think [to say anything about my experience with the New Moon Meditation]. But I did get a letter from Social Security saying my monthly amount is going up.  And it seems more than it would normally.
-GTA Member, December 2, 2020

Wow!  Just wow!  Being a budding Astrologer myself and knowing the power behind this last New Moon that was introducing these eclipses, I decided to treat myself and enroll in the ritual (I actually only recently signed up for your GTA program).  I truly feel it has power-boosted me to stay focused on my goals of getting into the crypto market, as well as enhancing my sense of intuition to sift through the overwhelm of it all.  Although I do feel we will see the full manifestation of our intentions until the very last few days of this cycle, I can certainly feel the support it brought.  
-GTA Member, December 1, 2020

New Moon update:
Great and immediate results.
1) FB has never been an avenue for me to build my businesses. My primary reason for being on FB is to get photos of my grandson because that’s where she posts all the my grandson’s pictures. I decided to unfriend people I don’t have contact with … unfriended hundreds … about 1.5 hours after the ritual. Wrote a post as to why. I know you said to only do a couple readings a month, but I do enjoy the quality clients. After I purged FB, four of the remaining friends booked readings today.
2) My husband bought a house back in July. We’ve had a lot of construction work going on and I’ve been dreading cleaning the house. Cleaned/purged all day. I haven’t had this much energy in many months … the house is looking pretty. I even got a Christmas tree up in the front window.
3) Essential oil sales up $2,500 today (net, not gross.)
4) It’s Sunday, right? … not usually a postal delivery day, but received a check from a former employer who owed me several thousand dollars back in 2018. He sent a partial check and I received it today.
5) Website up. Designer said it takes about 48 hours to complete the process.
I just feel like a switch changed things up in a positive way!!
-GTA Member, November 15, 2020

On the whole I would say I’ve leveled up. Doing more readings, getting more readership and followers online and generally attracting good mojo. The paraliminals paired with meditation is a great energy/consciousness boost.
-GTA Member, November 4, 2020

It’s been a challenging month. I don’t have much to report except gratitude for where I am and the fact that everything continues to work out just fine.
-GTA Member, November 4, 2020

Since participating in the New Moon LOA, I have been teaching astrology online, continued my astrological studies and research, have had many referrals for readings, asked to give an Astrology talk on Zoom, and received unexpected monies and debt repayments (money that was owed from 30 years ago). Not Bad!!!
-GTA Member, October 7, 2020

The Abundance and Attraction did come into my life.  It is such a wonderful feeling to feel that message get out there and get a response.  I know that God is ever watching over my shoulder.  This is a great quiet time to ask for things I need in my life.  I think that we need to take that special time to do so from time to time.  Do we do for others without them asking… Not often.  So , occasionally we need to tell God what we need.
I highly recommend being part of this event whenever it is available.
I had amazing results.
-GTA Member, October 7, 2020

We just got a huge order from a new account in my territory.  While I might not be the one making the commission because I didn’t get the new account, the order so big and prepaid!!   I don’t care that the next new moon is at 3am, I am doing it and making this a tradition!   Thank you William and Katharine for all you do for me and everyone.  Wishing for All Good Things!  
-GTA Member, September 15, 2020

This July and August has shown an increase in my business income.
July income doubled over that of June, and August income was double that of July.
A “New Residence” has been secured and a move will take place in October.
-GTA Member, September 14, 2020

With all the [astrological talisman] work I’ve been doing, I don’t know how to delineate what is manifesting from what.  But what has been really awesome is all the ways “extra” money has been flowing to me: clients giving large tips; the employer from those couple nursing patients I picked up 6 weeks ago paid me more than negotiated; health insurance paying for non-covered services; auto shop charged me $600 less than quote even though they completed all the work on the quote; and my son whose Moon is 6 degrees Libra on my natal Sun, helped me with landscaping, which saved me thousands of dollars.
-GTA Member, September 12, 2020

I cannot say that I have had any huge experiences. I would say subtle describes my experience this month.  I am short of cash this month (what do they say? “cash poor”).  However, what cash I do have seems to be somewhat elastic or stretchy if that makes sense to you.  This isn’t huge, but somewhat remarkable I think. And, my sense of peace and prosperity remains, even with the current state of the economy.  That’s all I’ve got for you at this time! Thanks for everything.
-GTA Member, September 10, 2020

Gathering energy as we go along. I am getting more reading requests and have also been invited to speak on the astrology of 2020.  I am integrating new techniques and Reinstating some formerly abandoned techniques as well.  Things are going surprisingly well all things considered. It feels like a time of great opportunity. 
-GTA Member, September 9, 2020

As this was my first experience with the ritual, I loved it and the results have been great! My online Etsy business reached its highest month ever in sales. It doesn’t stop there as I just reached the next leadership position in my affiliate marketing business! I’m looking forward to the next ritual to keep the energy going!
-GTA Member, September 9, 2020

My month has been emotionally stressful and physically hard, BUT I also closed on my dream home, got my previous home under contract for more than I wanted and finally got a contract on a piece of land I’ve been trying to sell for over a year. I’ve also had an unexpected opportunity to make a decent amount of money doing some side work that is unexpected.
-GTA Member, September 9, 2020

My experience has been: Abundance in terms of feeling like I have everything I need. Not necessarily monetary (yet), but a sense of harmony with the world, even though the world is in chaos.
-GTA Member, September 9, 2020

I wanted to let you know about my experience with the last two full moon sessions. You said that money might come very unexpectedly. Well, out of the blue, I get a call from the [state] pension fund saying that there is excess money in the pension that is owed to me. It was [amount omitted]! I mean I thought I was supposed to get more than what I originally received. I prayed & meditated for all good things to come and to happen. You could only imagine how shocked I was, I told a coworker that I am doing this new moon ritual with this astrologer and he said that you will manifest what you meditate on… So thank you! Thank you for everything.
-GTA Member, August 3, 2020

There have been many changes in financial matters that just came about without me asking or putting any effort into manifesting.  My son gave me $200 just days after the LOA meditation. He also bought a whipper snipper and two online grocery orders.  He had decided to do this himself to help out.  I was gifted with groceries and a gift card from a friend of my son who runs a Community Centre my son volunteers helping teach music production.  I am up to my eyeballs in all sorts of food. I had consignment clothing, shoes and handbags that a shop was selling.  Even though they have closed and not sold all the items I got an email and the owner is paying out the goods in good faith.  This was not expected as she had posted back four items and made payments outstanding.  She chose to pay out the rest and I am still surprised.  I felt it a gentle allowing energy and I am looking forward to continual participation because I feel more peaceful and in my heart energy.  
-GTA Member, July 28, 2020

I have a new found feeling of security. A belief in the attention and care of the universe so to speak. I was prompted to re-visit the Vision board I created when you began this ritual.
-GTA Member, July 24, 2020

I placed a large order with Chewy to stock up – cat litter, food, toys, treats. Chewy sent me the same order again, no charge, by mistake. We donated the second order to [a local cat rescue]. They were beyond thrilled with this pay it forward gesture. Win/win.
I still have zero interest on my AMEX card until I don’t know when. My credit union is still offering interest free loans.
My work place has not charged me parking fees while away from work – $200 savings.
My workplace is offering up to any employee and their families free health and wellness programs through the City – counseling, stress management videos, meditation videos, Facetime with doctors, etc. Priceless.
I got a raise in July.
Our Union is offering free yoga classes online every Wednesday – $60 savings.
I am getting two wing chairs & two ottomans upholstered and got a decent price to have it done by an expert craftsman at 50 percent off (other upholsterers were asking upward of 2000. for the same job) – $1000 savings.
A neighbor next to me installed a security camera because a lot of their packages were being stolen. Good thing is that it picks up the image of my front door and they can watch my stuff too. Saves on me having to set up a security camera which I was going to do and now I don’t have too – $300 to 500 savings.
Joined the #walkaway campaign group on Facebook and submitted two written testimonials as to why I walked away from the Democratic party. The feedback from my two testimonials (3.5K) was incredible. I was told by many ‘you are an incredible writer,’ so ‘please write a book.’ I have always been told this but never had the confidence to do it. Priceless.
Completed a 28-day mediation class and received multiple messages from the universe. I started to journal write (which I have never done before) and got a final message on day 29 of class to be more engaged in the literary world. I don’t know what that actually means, but I got a message that the universe will guide me as to how this will be done. A new 28-day moon class is set for August 18th and I plan to register for it. Priceless.
-GTA Member, July 24, 2020

Just want to share a couple of experiences I have had this month. I received a partial refund on my car insurance payment. It was not expected at all. Also, I had to take my car in for a repair that was going to cost at least $200.00 if not more. The dealership did the repair at no charge to me!
-GTA Member, June 20, 2020

I’ve had an amazing month. The major business deal that was taking forever to conclude is moving at a good pace and should be completed soon. My company’s income had dropped and we were lucky to tread water. This month has been great and we even had a windfall of income from an unusual source. I’ve made great new contacts and have several opportunities ahead, probably more than I can handle.
The only thing NOT going great is I am searching for a house and everytime I find what I want there are multiple offers before I can move forward. On the plus side, there are new properties I like coming on the market everyday. A month ago nothing I found met my family’s needs.
Also, I’ve had health problems for the past couple of years that I’ve struggled to find real help with and in the last two weeks I’ve found two awesome doctors that have provided immediate answers. Those answers turned out to be unpleasant, but nothing life altering. I can’t wait to see what happens after the next New Moon!
-GTA Member, June 20, 2020

Our property taxes came significantly lower for this year! But still, we decided to protest them and try to reduce them even more! It worked and our mortgage payment will be lower for next year!
That was a big thing, since property taxes are a big deal in TX. Apart from that, we continue to be fine, in general!
-GTA Member, June 18, 2020

I had a payment of stock shares from my employer this month that was 30% higher than the amount I was suppose to receive………..totally unexpected and very surprised and very grateful!
-GTA Member, June 18, 2020

The marketing Dept that I’m a part of was moved to a nicer larger room with more windows and new furnishings. We got flowers yesterday too. It’s a nice sentiment especially since business is picking back up consistently.
I’m enjoying this new practice. Thank you.
-GTA Member, June 18, 2020

American Express gave me 0 interest rate on my account until COVID ends (I asked them and they approved it); my car insurance company reduced my premiums by 15 percent during COVID because I am home telecommuting and not using my car very much; my Credit Union loan was put at 0 percent until COVID ends; started ordering Hello Fresh and got discounts on 3 weeks of meals (saved a ton of $ on grocery shopping) – I had a lobster and steak dinner two nights this week already; a friend who owns a Cannabis business sent me 1/2 pound of weed free valued at 3000. (to make my Rick Simpson Oil medicine) since she didn’t want it to go to waste (her employees normally would have access to this weed, but they were not working onsite, and she preferred I should get it since I use it to manage my pain).
-GTA Member, June 18, 2020

A feeling of well being. Positive energy and the tasks that I need to accomplish have been resolved easily with no complications or delays. Things have been flowing smoothly with ease.
-GTA Member, May 25, 2020

Things in my life have started to flow better and I am getting what I wanted and some pleasant surprises too.
-GTA Member, May 25, 2020

Some things have moved forward but with complications. Yet some pleasant times as well.
-GTA Member, May 25, 2020

I’ll have to agree with some comments above. Easy flow and what i have asked, i have received it, i’ve been able to recognize the signs and opportunities more easily.
-GTA Member, May 25, 2020

Lots more financial, artistic, and physical activity, New Clients, new opportunities, the return of opportunities that had faded off into nothing, and the concurrent fading away of ideas and interests that were based in past experiences. Feeling more expansive and looking ahead .
-GTA Member, May 25, 2020

Haven’t noticed big outward changes, but have been peaceful. Did get an unexpected small check today. The amount didn’t matter as much as my gratefulness and acknowledgement of the wink!
-GTA Member, May 25, 2020

Today I received three extra items from a clothing store I have bought from for years. They are very cute tops, I was not charged for them and they fit perfectly. Now I have to decide whether I want to be ethical and call them on their mistake and take the time to return them or just keep them. Anyway….that’s a form of abundance to me!
-GTA Member, April 25, 2020

Some results: Today I found some videos I was looking for the last couple weeks. My husband received a gift certificate for dinner today… for both of us, for a great job he did at work. The gift certificate was for any restaurant of our choice for take out (of course). Also when I got up in the morning and was brushing my teeth I heard my mind movie I had made some time ago, but haven’t played for awhile. The song goes” I have a millionaire mind, I say yes, I say yes to success. I have a brand new design”!!! Also I played my new Abundance CD I had recently purchased for the first time, but was not able to get to listen to it since I received it 2 weeks ago.
-GTA Member, April 25, 2020

NM results: Our stimulus will be deposited tomorrow! 2 adults and 2 kids!
-GTA Member, April 25, 2020